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Perma Sharp 100 Single Edge Razor Blades

Perma Sharp 100 Single Edge Razor Blades


Perma-Sharp Single Edge Razor Blades: 100 Blades These blades are designed for a perfect fit every time - they ensure that exact and precise blade exposure is achieved when these blades are used on straight edge barber razors or "shave" type razors. These stainless steel blades are extremely sharp and durable. They are PTFE (also known as PTFE. Teflon) coated to ensure a smooth shave and a long lasting blade. (Do not clean these blades after use as doing so will remove the PTFE coating.) Perma-Sharp Middle Swords have quickly become a favorite of our barbershops! You wonder why you've never used them before, especially if you've been splitting double-edged blades. Each box comes with 100 individually wrapped Perma-Sharp 1/2 sheets. They are universally recognized for being durable, exceptionally smooth, and very sharp. If you use a straight edge razor blade that accepts half a double-edged blade, this professional product is for you.

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