Sweyn Forkbeard Alum Block (100 gm)

Sweyn Forkbeard Alum Block (100 gm)


Alum Block 100gr with a Travel Bag

Alum is the original antiseptic aftershave. Dampened and rubbed on the face it has a styptic effect, closing the pores and leaving the skin soft and smooth. Ideal for use if you accidentally cut yourself whilst shaving.

-Helps soothe accidental cuts
-Stems bleeding
-Leaves your skin soft and smooth
-100g block with a cloth bag

An alum block is applied by moistening with cold water and gently rubbing over a moist face. Made from potassium alum this product is antiseptic and is an astringent. This helps to soothe irritation and razor burn and also helps to stop any small nicks or cuts from bleeding.